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MagellanTV Audio Described Titles

The following titles are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH on MagellanTV. Most of the titles are available worldwide! Jump to Titles.

MagellanTV offers exclusively documentaries, and they are adding audio description to their new and existing titles or series episodes each month. In general, all the titles listed here will remain on the site permanently and will not be rotated off.

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Sep 22, 2023; count = 18 titles.  Updates come on an irregular basis periodically. If you have problems with or questions about any of the audio described titles from this service, please contact MagellanTV via

Alphabetized List of MagellanTV Titles With AD

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No new titles were added in this update (which may contain deletions or corrections).


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TOTAL:  18 titles.

Breakdown by Genre:

 13 Space Documentary
  2 True Crime Documentary
  1 Science Documentary
  1 Nature Documentary
  1 Conspiracy Documentary