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Apple TV+ Audio Described Titles

The following titles are AUDIO DESCRIBED on Apple's streaming service, Apple TV+.  Almost all of the videos are Apple Originals, most of which have audio description tracks in at least nine languages (English, French, Canadian French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Spanish Latin America, with Russian added in late 2021; plus the original language of the video if not one of those listed).  Subtitles are also available in 40 languages for most content.  Some titles, such as talk shows and some documentaries, may be English AD only.

Apple TV+ is available via the Apple TV App on most streaming devices (see Apple's complete list) as well as web browsers.  Note that on some devices you must activate audio description via the Audio menu for every title.

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Aug 5, 2022; count = 129 titles.   The New date is the date added here during the past week, which may be slightly after Apple added it.  Apple adds about 5 titles each month.

Alphabetized List of Apple TV+ Titles With AD

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No new titles were added in this update..


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  • Dads [2020 Movie; Documentary; rated TV-14]
  • Dear... [2020 Series; Documentary; rated TV-14]
  • Defending Jacob [2020 Series; Drama; rated TV-MA]
  • Dickinson [2019 Series; Comedy; rated TV-14]
  • Doug Unplugs [2020 Series; Kids & Family; rated TV-Y]
  • Dr. Brain [2021 Series; Thriller; rated TV-MA]
  • Duck & Goose [2022 Series; Kids & Family; rated TV-Y]

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  • Roar [2022 Series; Drama; rated TV-MA]

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TITLES:  129 titles.

Breakdown by Genre:

 31 Documentary
 28 Kids & Family
 26 Drama
 15 Comedy
  9 Thriller
  7 Animation
  3 Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  2 Talk Show
  2 Holiday
  2 Action & Adventure
  1 Short Films
  1 News
  1 Musical

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