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The Audio Description Project

Disney+ Audio Described Titles

The following programs are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH on Disney+ in the USA. Jump to Titles. See our separate Foreign Language AD listing for Disney+ titles in the USA with Foreign Language Description. (New See also: Disney availability and pricing outside the USA; but note that our listing here is not applicable outside the USA.) The underlying title data was supplied to us by Disney. The studio name Disney+ in a video's description means it is a Original made for Disney+. Titles with studios of Disney include releases by Pixar, Marvel, Buena Vista, and RKO Radio Pictures. Titles on the Disney+ service which contain an AD track are denoted with the AD icon. Note: Sometimes short videos filed under "Extras" are also described, though not listed separately here; and Disney+ describes many of the trailers.

LAST TITLE UPDATE: Dec 5, 2023; count = 1216 titles. The New date is the date added here during the last month, which may be later than Disney+ added it. The number of titles Disney+ has been adding each month has varied considerably, but 12 seems about average. Additions to this list are posted on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. If you have problems with any of the audio described titles on Disney+, please call 888-905-7888 or chat at

Almost every streaming device supports Disney+. (See Disney's official list of supported devices.) However, streaming Disney+ Basic (With Ads) is not currently available on the Microsoft Windows Desktop app. To activate description the first time, you swipe down (or tap the screen, or click on a desktop browser) while a title is playing, tap the Tool icon Tool Icon in the upper right, then select English-AD under Audio on the left side. The selection of AD should remain for other titles and cross devices. Good reference (from mid-2020): the AppleVis podcast on Put your Mickey Ears on for Disney+ for iOS.

Tool Selection Audio Track Selection

Alphabetized List of Disney+ Titles With AD

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Recent Additions

The following 13 titles were added on Dec 5. Other recent additions are noted in the listing.


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TOTAL: 1216 titles.

Breakdown by Genre:

395 Animation
179 Documentary
104 Comedy
 94 Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 93 Action & Adventure
 70 Drama
 40 Coming of Age
 39 Sports
 39 Animals & Nature
 33 Reality TV
 30 Music
 24 Romance
 22 Kids & Family
 10 Medical
  8 Mystery
  7 Variety
  6 Super Hero
  5 Horror
  5 Historical
  4 Talk Show
  3 Biographical
  2 Genre Not Specified
  2 Anthology
  1 Western
  1 Thriller