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The Audio Description Project

DVDs and Blu-ray Discs With Audio Description

This page is your gateway to learning all about the over 1700 DVDs and Blu-ray discs available in the USA with English Audio Description (AD) language tracks.  Select what you would like to see via the buttons below.


Old-style full listings: 
New-style short listings: 

  • Prior to 2022, each DVD listing contained a cover photo, plot summary, and comments. We've retained those for you, but new DVDs will no longer carry this detail. Clicking the title of a DVD prior to 2022 will bring you to our original listing, while for DVDs starting in 2022, we take you directly to Amazon's listing.
  • These listings are USA-only; not completely reliable for Canada and definitely not other countries.
  • Caution!  Some titles are named the same as older DVDs. Watch the year when you order if you don't use our link!
  • We always point to the DVD for a title unless the DVD version does not have AD, but feel free to switch to Blu-ray if you wish on Amazon. 4K may or may not have AD.
  • We are Amazon Associates. Purchasing a DVD (or anything) by clicking one of our links generates a small commission for the ACB to support this website ... for which we thank you!

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