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ADP Master List of Audio Described Videos

Jump to Titles. The following Current Cinema, DVD, TV, and Streaming titles are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH in the USA via one or more of the following sources as noted in this listing. (See also Non-English AD in the USA.) For details on accessing each provider's programs, click the links below. This listing is generally updated each Tuesday and Friday (see just the latest ones). Recently, we have been adding about 350 titles per month!

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Apr 20, 2024; count = 11093 titles; 22 titles from Cinema updated 4/17, 1743 DVDs updated 4/19, 222 Apple TV+ 4/19, 1228 Disney+ 4/16, 100 Google Play 4/19, 523 Hulu 4/16, 2195 iTunes 4/16, 18 Magellan 9/22, 1072 Max 4/5, 2540 Netflix 4/16, 444 Paramount+ 4/19, 308 Peacock 4/19, 55 Pluto 4/19, 5565 Prime Video 4/16, 42 ReelAbilities 2/20, 120 Tubi 4/19, 379 Fandango 4/19, 30 Other Media 12/6, 709 Spectrum Access 3/20, and 402 TV Series 4/20.

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  • In response to user observations that due to the huge size of this file, screen readers didn't function properly, we have collapsed all the alphabetically-divided listings. Clicking on the Expand button under each alphabetic divider will display all the titles beginning with that letter. Click the "Expand All" button to expand all letters at once.
  • If a provider lists a video followed by words like Remastered, Rereleased, Theatrical, Unrated, or With Bonus Content, those words may be dropped to match another listing title exactly; however, some DVDs of the same title are listed separately to help you identify reissues or special editions.
  • If two movies from different studios share the same name on one service, there will only be one entry here, but two on the service.
  • For TV Series, some may be reruns on E!, Oxygen, SyFy, TBS, TNT, or USA. Series "In Limbo" and inactive are not listed.
  • Please report any duplicate title listings you find below, as we work hard to standardize names and match release dates!

All Audio Described Video Titles in English

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