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Paramount+ Audio Described Titles

The following programs are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH on Paramount+ (the successor to CBS All Access) in the USA.  Jump to Titles.

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Jul 20, 2021; count = 108 titles.  The New date is the date added here, which may be later than Paramount+ added it.  In 2021, Parmount+ has been adding a net of about 10 titles per month.  Additions to this list are generally posted on Twitter and Facebook.  If you have problems with any of the audio described titles on Paramount+, please contact Paramount+ Customer Service.

Paramount+ supports most web browsers and streaming devices.  Audio Description is activated via the Subtitles + Audio menu in the upper right of the screen.  If it just says Subtitles, then the video does not have AD.  On iOS devices, you touch the screen, and the menu is upper right, working the same way.  Sometimes the device remembers your setting, sometimes not.  Please send us any updates for this section!

Note:  Entries with the "CBS TV Series" designation are generally available FREE to watch with AD on the separate CBS App or CBS web page; however, the duration of content availability may vary depending on whether or not you have a TV provider sign in.

Alphabetized List of Paramount+ Titles With AD

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Recent Additions

The following titles were added on Jul 20.   Other recent additions are noted in the listing.

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TOTAL:  108 titles.

Breakdown by Genre:

 30 Comedy
 19 Drama
 13 Action
 12 Horror
  9 Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  9 Documentary
  7 Kids & Family
  4 Reality TV
  3 Thriller
  1 Romance
  1 Music