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 Other DVD or Streaming Videos With Audio Description Tracks

This page lists full-length DVDs or streaming videos with audio description tracks available from sources other than Amazon, stores, or the primary streaming services.  For example, some of these films were featured in Film Festivals but didn't make it to local cinemas. 

We rely primarily on contributions from video owners or users who discover these videos, as it is hardly a comprehensive list.  See our Streaming AD page for other possible sources of described streamed videos.  (For example, we list a limited number of videos here available on Vimeo and YoutubeClicking either of those links will list their described videos.)  "Fee" after the video information indicates there is a rental or purchase fee.  To suggest additions to our list, use the Webmaster link at the bottom of the page.

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Sep 18, 2022; count = 16 titles.
Look for Added below for the newest releases if the date above is fairly recent.

Miscellaneous DVD or Streaming Titles With AD Tracks

Imagination Videobooks Logo 

New in 2021 is a service called Imagination Videobooks, which has added audio description to both audio- and video-books for children.  We do not list their offerings separately on this website, so be sure to check out their rapidly expanding catalog, which is created in conjunction with the Described Captioning and Media Center.  Also listen to the Illustrated Audiobooks podcast.

AMC PlusIn September 2022, the AMC+ streaming service began offering audio description for a very limited number of offerings.  This is all we know at this time.


Jehovah's Witnesses has invested in training of audio describers and has added audio description in 48 languages to the 400 languages they support in their videos!  So far they are concentrating on describing the video clips that are imbedded in the presentations made at their annual conventions during 2020 and 2021, but other videos might be available in the future.  You will find a list of their audio described videos here: JW Audio Described Videos.

Streaming Service (Fee; supports AD via separate copy of each film found under "Extras")

Reportedly these shows are not available with description if you use the Prime Video pass-through to discovery+.

All Others (Various Services; Some Fee, Some Free)

TOTAL:  12 titles.