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Christmas-Themed Audio Described Videos

Here is a list of audio described videos with a Christmas theme along with where you can find them.  Click the matching service name at the top of the page to find the link for your chosen video.  For DVDs, it is easiest to use "All DVDS."  Note:  The 1984 version of A Christmas Carol and the 1947 Miracle on 34th Street  are not commercially available with AD; contact your local Talking Books library to see if they have copies.  Keep in mind that we only list streaming service titles here, and we thus have no listing for the Hallmark TV network, where you will find many holiday movies described. Check the Daily TV schedule for those listings.  Notice:  We are not aware of any Hanukkah-themed movies with description.  If you find any on streaming services, let us know and we will list them.

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Feb 16, 2024.  (Titles are dynamically updated year-round.  Use the Webmaster link at the bottom of this page to advise us of additional titles which don't have obvious words like "Christmas" or "Santa" in the titles!)