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The Audio Description Project

Tubi Audio Described Titles

The following titles are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH on Tubi in the USA. Jump to Titles. Tubi is a FREE ad-supported streaming service offering original and other movies and a limited number of series.

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Feb 15, 2024; count = 120 titles. If you have problems with any of the audio described titles from Tubi, please email Tubi Customer Service with a subject line of "Feedback." They do not have a phone number for customer service.


  • Tubi began offering audio described content in June 2023.
  • Using the Browse or Explore options, you will find Audio Description at the top of the list under Collections. The resulting display is in a seemingly random order. On an Apple device, the Audio Description option is under Categories.
  • To turn on audio description, use the Subtitles and Audio icon, which may require sighted assistance. Once you turn it on, however, it should "stick." It is a bit complicated on an Apple TV, so here's the bottom line: During a movie, swipe down, swipe up twice, swipe right, then swipe down several times. English AD is the last item. It should "stick."
  • Tubi has been tested for AD on a Windows laptop, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Fire Stick. Tell us what works for you!
  • Titles may come and go rapidly, especially at month end.

Alphabetized List of Tubi Titles With AD

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Recent Additions

The following 2 titles were added on Feb 15. Other recent additions may be noted in the listing.


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TOTAL: 120 titles.

Breakdown by Genre:

 31 Thriller
 26 Documentary
 16 Comedy
 13 Horror
 10 Reality TV
 10 Action & Adventure
  7 Drama
  2 Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  2 Lifestyle
  2 Kids & Family
  1 Western