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"Best Picture" Academy Awards Over the Years

The gold oscar trophyHere you will find a complete list of the Academy Awards winners of Best Picture all the way back to 1927 (compiled by Carl Richardson and Fred Brack). Not all of them have audio description tracks "today," the day you are viewing this, but some more might in the future. Also, which streaming service offers the title may vary from month to month. So what we have done is build links under each title to search our Master AD List for the title. Clicking the title link will take you to our Find A Video page prepopulated with the title. The results may be one service, multiple services, or no service at the present time – or hits for a later movie of the same title or a variation of the title, so be careful! The year listed is the year the film was released, not the year awarded, which would be the following year.

But first, for reference ...
here were the 2023 Nominees:

All of the above have AD somewhere.