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The Audio Description Project

2019 Audio Description Project Conference

ACB Audio Description Project
Mini-Conference AD Workshop
July 9, 2019
Rochester, NY

Audio recordings from the Rochester sessions are now available below
Activate the recording links and press the spacebar to play

Tuesday, July 9, 2:45-5:45 PM – Convention Center, Lilac South

Opening Remarks: Eric Bridges, Executive Director, ACB;

Kim Charlson, President, ACB


Session 1:  2:45- 4:00 PM

Audio Description Accessibility and Technology; Open Forum with Representatives from Major Providers and Streaming Services

Moderator: Joel Snyder, Ph.D., Director, ADP

Panelists: Mark Balsano (Charter/Spectrum), Tom Wlodkowski (Comcast), Zach Bastian (Verizon), and John Herzog (AT&T) will discuss accessible set-top boxes--what's available, current issues and accomplishments (what's working and what needs improvement). Eric Bridges, ACB's Executive Director, will share updates from other major providers. Peter Korn (Amazon) will discuss developments at Amazon; Sarah Herrlinger (Apple) will discuss access features offered at Apple.

Audio Podcast Audio recording of session 1 panel

Session 2: 4:15- 5:45 PM

Audio Description Advocacy

Panel #1: Legislative Advocacy  4:15 – 5:00 pm

Moderator: Clark Rachfal, ACB Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs

Panelists: Kim Charlson, President, ACB will focus her remarks developments with Hulu and HBO; Tony Stephens, Executive Director, Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance (DBFA) will review various AD advocacy initiatives; Larry Walke, National Association of Broadcasters, will discuss NAB’s involvement with making emergency information accessible; Will Schell, FCC, will update information on FCC rules regarding video description; and Carl Richardson, Chair of ADP's media sub-committee, will provide information about the FCC’s working group on AD information for broadcast television.

Audio Podcast Audio recording of session 2, first panel

Panel #2: Promoting AD in National Parks, Performing Arts Venues, Museums, and Educational Settings  5:00 – 5:45 PM

Moderator: Denise Decker, Chair, ADP Performing Arts/Museums subcommittee

Panelists:  Thomas Conway, UniDescription project of the University of Hawaii—Making National Park Service Brochures Accessible; Rick Morin, Gala Pro/Shubert Theaters; Susan Glass, Chair of ADP's BADIE sub-committee, with an update on the Benefits of Audio Description in Education contest and the announcement of Xander Holstein, 2019 Grand Prize Award winner); and Kim Charlson, ACB President and Director of Perkins Institute Library, with the latest news on the ACVREP AD Certification effort.

Audio Podcast Audio recording of session 2, second panel

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