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The Audio Description Project

2017 Audio Description Project Mini-Conference

ACB Audio Description Project
Audio Description Workshop

Tuesday, July 4, 2:30- 5:30 PM
Workshop Facilitator: Joel Snyder, Ph.D., Director of the Audio Description Project and President of Audio Description Associates, LLC

NOTE: This ADP workshop is being held in conjunction with the ACB 56th Annual Conference and Convention, "ACB Sparks Success," which takes place from June 30 through July 7, 2017, at the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada.

[Workshop registration information has been deleted]

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2017 Workshop Agenda

Opening Remarks: Eric Bridges, Executive Director, ACB; Kim Charlson, President, ACB; Joel Snyder, Ph.D., Director, ADP

Session 1: Audio Description Accessibility and Technology; Open Forum with Representatives from Major Providers and Streaming Services
2:30- 4:00 PM
Pre-registration price: $6.
On-site convention price: $8
Panelists: Mark Lasser (Charter/Spectrum) and John Herzog (AT&T) will discuss accessible set-top boxes--what's available, current issues and accomplishments (what's working and what needs improvement). Eric Bridges, ACB's Executive Director, will share updates from other major providers. Peter Korn (Amazon) will discuss a major development from Amazon. Carl Richardson, Chair of ADP's media sub-committee, will share news about other Internet streaming services. Alex Koren of Actiview will provide the latest on the development and roll-out of a new app for audio description reception in movie theaters and elsewhere.
Moderator: Joel Snyder, Ph.D., Director, ADP

Sesson 2: Audio Description Advocacy
4:15- 5:30 PM
Pre-registration price: $6.
On-site convention price: $8
Panel #1: Promoting AD in National Parks, Performing Arts Venues, Museums, and Educational Settings
Panelists: Mark Lasser of Charter/Spectrum (performing arts), Margie Donovan, AD consumer and advocate (parks), Susan Glass, Chair of ADP's BADIE sub-committee (BADIE and education), Denise Decker, member, ADP Performing Arts/Museums sub-committee (parks and museums)
Moderator: Susan Glass, Chair, ADP BADIE sub-committee
5:00- 5:30 PM
Panel #2: Legislative Advocacy
Panelists: Kim Charlson, President, ACB; Tony Stephens, Director of Advocacy & Governmental Affairs-ACB; Mark Richert, American Foundation for the Blind; and Will Schell, FCC.
Moderator: Dan Spoone, Chair, ADP Steering Committee