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Non-English Audio Description

In the USA, some streaming services offer audio description language tracks in languages other than English.  This page discusses options and was last updated on March 24, 2022.


The word Disney followed by a plus sign with a blue streamer above.The Disney+ streaming service not only offers audio description language tracks in English, but they also offer over 50 foreign language AD tracks in Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French Parisian, German, and Latin Spanish.  These titles are listed at the bottom of the Disney+ AD Titles page (with a link from the top).  They may be moved to their own page in the future as the number grows.


Red letters spell Netflix.Netflix's listing of foreign AD titles is so large that it gets its own page!  They have over 1000 titles in over 50 languages!  There is a link to the Netflix Foreign AD titles at the top of our regular Netflix AD Titles page.


Hulu offers just a few titles, so we list them inline with the others for now.  As of mid-February, 2022 that was fewer than 5 titles, and the languages were Spanish and Portuguese.  Look or search for notations similar to the following after titles:  (In Spanish with Spanish AD).


Apple TV+ offers audio description tracks in at least nine languages (English, French, Canadian French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Spanish Latin America, with Russian added in late 2021; plus the original language of the video if not one of those listed) plus captions in 40 languages.


Telemundo LogoALSO ... the broadcast TV network Telemundo offers five children's shows on Saturday morning in Spanish with Spanish audio description.


We are interested in expanding the information on this page to include pointers to all sources of non-English Audio Description.  Please send specific details to the webmaster using the link below.