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The Audio Description Project

Showtime Audio Described Titles

The following programs are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH on the Showtime streaming service in the USA.  Audio Description is not available on Cable TV.  Jump to Titles.

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Feb 1, 2023; count = 40 titles.  The New date is the date added here, which may be later than Showtime added it.  Additions to this list are posted on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.  If you have problems with any of the audio described titles on Showtime, please contact Showtime Customer Service, but please be aware that AD is new to them!  IMPORTANT NOTES:

  • Showtime supports most web browsers and streaming devices, though Fire devices do not support AD at this time, and the user interface for Voice Over is not fully implemented.
  • Audio Description is activated via the Captions/Language menu in the upper right of the screen.  If AD is not available, you will not find a Language menu for it.
  • While Showtime is available as a bundled option with Paramount+, at this time no AD is available via the Showtime bundle.  Paramount is working on remedying this situation.  However, if you purchase a Showtime subscription through Amazon Prime Video, some titles will be audio described.
  • As Showtime ramps up production of audio description for its Original Series, you will occasionally find 1 or 2 episodes randomly described.  We only list series with at least one full or nearly full season described.

Alphabetized List of Showtime Titles With AD


Recent Additions

There were no new titles listed in this update from Feb 1 (which may contain deletions or corrections).   Other recent additions are noted in the listing.


TOTAL:  40 titles.

Breakdown by Genre:

  9 Drama
  7 Thriller
  6 Documentary
  6 Comedy
  5 Horror
  4 Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  1 TV Variety
  1 Romance
  1 Reality TV