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 USA Audio Description Service Providers

NOTICE:  Because of the amount of data in the table, we may not be able to fit the entire table within the width of your mobile device screen.  We suggest turning your device sideways.

For 2021, we have revised our USA Audio Description (AD) Service Providers listing by breaking down the vendors by categories of service.  When you click on a category below, you will be presented with the subset of the full list of vendors which provide the selected service.

(F):  Companies that can handle the full range of AD production -- writing the AD script, voicing it, editing the audio, and providing a final integrated AD track.  Full service companies are not duplicate-listed in other categories unless they also offer Training or Local services.
(W):  Companies and individuals that can write an AD script for your video.
(V):  Professional voiceover artists (sometimes called AD Narrators) that are experienced in voicing AD scripts.  "ADNA Credits" refers to a listing of their work on the ADNA website.
(A):  Companies or individuals who can record voiceover artists, edit the recording, and integrate the AD with video.  See also Full Service companies.
(T):  Companies, organizations, or individuals offering training on audio description writing and/or voicing at least once per year to the public.
(Q):  Individuals (often but not necessarily blind) who critique and evaluate AD scripts and voiceovers or offer consulting services on AD.
(L):  Organizations or individuals that provide AD primarily for local theatre organizations or events in a specific geographical area.
The full list of all providers.

Listing on this page does not imply an endorsement of any kind from the American Council of the Blind or the Audio Description Project, and we reserve the right to not list or remove a listing that we feel is incomplete or misleads in any way.  Listing here is free, but each individual or organization must have validated the information in the previous three years, and the links must work.

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