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Search for a Video on the DCMP Website

The following search field allows you to search for a video on the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) website.  Though they are not part of the American Council of the Blind, we consider them partners in offering audio described movies and other videos.  While our focus is commercial videos, theirs is educational material primarily for blind children, and much of their catalog requires a free membership with defined qualifications.  Please note that their search algorithm is a lot more general than the ADP's own search algorithm, and the description of the video will be searched in addition to the title, plus "close matches" will be presented.  If you click on a matched title below, you will leave the ADP website and be taken to the DCMP website in a new window.  Some titles on DCMP are free to everyone to view and are so-noted in Matches.  You can check the DCMP Free Titles list to see them all.


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