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The Audio Description Project

Nielson DMA (Designated Market Area) Rankings

For purposes of the Audio Description Project and its visitors, we care about the Nielsen DMA Ranking because the FCC currently requires all TV stations in the TOP 60 markets to carry and pass through audio description signals for shows which have description.  In 2020 this number (60) was ordered to be increased by 10 each year until we reach 100.  Here is the specific wording (the bolding is ours) of the FORMER requirement from the FCC's website under Title 47 / Chapter I / Subchapter C / Part 79 / Subpart A / §79.3:

Where does your area lie?  You can see our top 60 DMAs table from when the law was put into effect; but if you want to know where your area lies today (which will affect future rulings), here is a link to the 2021 DMAs (PDF) or Detailed 2021 DMAs.  (Updated Feb 12, 2022)