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The Audio Description Project

Audio Description in Israel

In 2018, Israel's Central Library for the Blind received the annual Audio Description Project's International award.  Later this month (January 2019), the Library will offer its first Audio Description course to train additional talented people who will become part of Israel's audio description efforts.

In the past year, the Library ...

In addition to the Library's work with audio description, Tel Aviv is home to the world's only professional theater company comprised principally of actors who deaf and blind-the Na Laga'at ("Please Touch") Theater.  More information about the Library is at; the website for the Na Laga'at Theater is at

Israel Central Library for the Blind

In April 2018, Dr. Joel Snyder presented a seminar on audio description at the Access Israel Festival in Tel Aviv and conducted an audio description workshop at the Israeli Central Library for the Blind.  Pictured above is the entranceway to the Library, where "The Library for the Blind" is noted in English and Hebrew.